Academy for Social Democracy

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The Academy for Social Democracy is an advisory and educational resource of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation for people interested in and committed to politics. We offer the opportunity to reflect and learn about core values and main issues of 21st century social democracy social democracy. Our claim is “Politics requires a clear sense of direction” and our symbol is a compass.

Read the article "Imparting expertise in the Akademie für Soziale Demokratie" from Dr. Christian Krell for further information.

International cooperation

Our formats are mostly designed for the german public but we firmly believe that Social democracy is a universal and international idea. It is borne by the conviction that the conflict between labour and capital shapes the political debate and reality not only in one country but in all countries. In a time of internationally interwoven economies, global challenges and world-encompassing communication networks this is more pertinent than ever. Hence we are very interested in exchanging thoughts and concepts about Social Democracy worldwide.

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Translated Publications

Social Democracy Reader, History of Social Democracy (2013), pdf

Social Democracy Reader 1; Foundations of Social Democracy (2009), pdf

Social Democracy Reader 2; Economics and Social Democracy (2009), pdf

Social Democracy Reader 3; Welfare state and Social Democracy (2012), pdf

Social Democracy Reader 4; Europa and Social Democracy (2014), pdf

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